Breaking Writer’s Block

I had an intense writer's block the other day, and I had a ton of trouble dealing with it. I wanted to quickly share the ten things I did to break it in hopes that I could help you fight off the mid-NaNoWriMo slump.

5 Healthy Sweet-tooth Recipes

I have allergies to wheat and milk, which can complicate a lot of things, especially as a workaholic who needs a reward from time to time. I'm gonna let you in on my secret recipes I've used for years. 1. Strawberry Banana Ice Cream Ingredients: Frozen strawberries and frozen bananas. I eyeball most of my... Continue Reading →

Steins;Gate Review

Steins;Gate is a sci-fi thriller that utilizes time travel masterfully. It's only been 7 years since its release. I'm not too late, right? Here is my take along with a few writing lessons I gained from this critically acclaimed series.

Five Lies Writers Tell Other Writers

Some writers offer kinda messed up advice to other writers. It drives me up the wall. I’m gonna debunk some of these "lies" today (in a hopefully non-biased manner). One.“You need to write every day as a writer and protect these days. Writing takes priority above all and you should never not be writing.” If... Continue Reading →

The Worst Female Protagonists

“I’m a girl and I do what I want and I’ll beat up ten men twice my size to prove that.” I’m all for strong girls, but this is just dumb. There’s a trend in female characters lately who are one of two extremes: a wet blanket, or inconsiderate steamrollers. Neither are likable, so neither... Continue Reading →

I’m Rewriting My Book

"This is my last edit of The Last Best Hope." I said that to myself at the beginning of 2018. And I stuck with it for a while, trying to brainwash myself into believing it. But even while editing, I wanted to change everything. I wanted to rewrite the entire middle. I didn't want the... Continue Reading →

Soft vs. Hard Magic

Magic dazzles readers and fleshes out worlds, but before readers are dazzled, they need to understand how the magic operates and how it can be applied. The author of Mistborn, Brandon Sanderson, is often cited when talking about this fact. Sanderson’s first law of magic states, “An author’s ability to solve conflict with magic is... Continue Reading →

Lessons from March

If you're even slightly acquainted with me, you know I'm a workaholic to an unhealthy extreme. It's drained me a lot this month. It put me out of commission for a week, and I'm betting it'll keep me this way a while longer. As I write this, I'm feeling pretty sick. I know life will... Continue Reading →

Eye Of The Tiger

After five years of writing and rewriting (and rewriting) fight scenes, I can finally give some good advice. Whip out those songs that get your adrenaline pumping, ladies and gents. Today, we're talking about fights.

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